Work At Home Mom Issues

WAHM-WHAD Podcast With Gina Baker

WAHMoms/WAHDads host Deborah Carney is joined by guest Gina Baker.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I work during the day as a Nurse Informaticist with electronic health information exchange. I am able to work from home part time, attending meetings remotely and doing a lot of thinking on how to solve our quest of seamless electronic health information exchange.

At night I am able to forget the technical things and proper way of the professional world and let me creative world fly on my 2 blogs, My Chocolate Peaces and The Chocolate Bike.
Otherwise I enjoy photography, chocolate, the outdoors and spending time wtih my family.

As a work at home parent what is your biggest challenge?
Paying attention to my kiddo… since I am there after all. I also feel like when he is home with me that I should do more such as teaching etc.

What is the biggest advantage to being a work at home parent?
Being there, I know I just contradicted myself. But it is so nice to get up, eat breakfast with my kiddo and not be in a rush to get out the door. Then I am there as he plays and if he needs anything.

As a work at home parent what advice would you give other work at home parents?
Be patient with yourself and them. WFH is challenging, but very rewarding at the same time.