Work At Home Mom Issues

Quick Tips For Staying Motivated

Do you have trouble focusing on work during the summer months? If so, you’re not alone. It can be hard to juggle a business when the weather is nice and you have other things on your mind. Here are some tips to help keep you productive:

Write It Down – It may not seem like a big thing, but writing out the things you need to do can be a big motivator. A to-do list helps you prioritize your tasks and tells you where you should be focusing your attention.

Make A Plan – Once you have your to-do list written out, create an action plan to get things done. When are you going to work; what needs to be done as soon as possible; what are the things that you can outsource? Seeing these things in writing can help you get a clear picture of what you need to work on in order to reach your goals.

Get An Accountability Partner – An accountability Partner can keep you on track. Meet each week and tell them your goals; at your next meeting, you will have to let them know if you accomplished those goals. It can be easy to let your goals fall to the wayside if you are the only one who knows them, but once you tell someone else, it is harder to put those tasks off. Do you want to come back to your next accountability meeting and confess that you spent the week being lazy? No way!

Get Rid Of Distractions – When you work from home, there isn’t a boss looking over your shoulder to keep you on task. You have to be the “bad cop” and limit your distractions, whether it’s watching television or spending too much time on social media sites. What do you find to be your weakness? Limit the time you spend on that activity when you’re supposed to be “working” and you’ll find out that you can get a lot more accomplished within your business.

Doing just one of these things can make working from home a little bit easier and a lot more productive. Doing all four of things will make you a productivity ninja, knocking out big projects in days instead of weeks.