Work At Home Mom Issues

Combining Work and Pleasure

One of the things that I love most about my job is that I often cannot tell if I am doing something for fun or as part of my job. There are definitely a lot of things about my job that I do not love (customer service issues, running reports, upgrading plugins, etc). But I’ve managed to combine enough of what I enjoy into it that my days feel a whole lot less like things I must do and more like things that I want to do.

Here are some examples:

Reading books is a huge passion for me. I try to read at least one each week. I don’t have a site set up specifically for reviewing books, but I can definitely work in a review every now and again on my mom site. It’s also helpful in engaging people on Facebook and Twitter to mention what I am reading every now and again. You could do the same with current music or movies.
Attending conferences. Every Affiliate Summit is a mix of business and fun for me. I am always careful to make sure that I go into it with specific business goals and then measure them afterward. But at the same time I am getting to travel (which I love) and spend time with friends. For some people local networking events would fall in here as well if they truly enjoy meeting new people and can use those connections to further their business.
If you are really passionate about something and feel like it has a lot of earning potential, start a niche site. That’s how I ended up with with Todd Farmer and Eric Nagel. There is very little that I do on that site that is work compared to a lot of pleasure!
Involving your family can take a work chore and turn it into a family experience. This happens in our house quite a bit, especially when it comes to reviewing products and making videos. My kids love trying new things and love even more seeing themselves on Youtube.
The one thing to keep in mind is to maintain a good work/life balance so that everything doesn’t turn into something about work. That’s especially easy to do when you own your own company.

What parts of your job feel more like fun than work? What other things could you be doing that you enjoy that would help you grow your business?