Valentine’s Day
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5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Work at Home Mom

February 14th is approaching fast and while most women love flowers and chocolates, a work at home mom will likely appreciate the more “productive” kind of gifts. If you’re searching for inspiration for a gift for the WAHM in your life, you might find some below.

Spa Day

Wait, I just said productive gifts, right? This IS all about being productive. Working from home usually means blurring the line between your work and home life. AKA, it’s easy to get burnt out.

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do for your business is to take a break – recharge and re-energize your mind and creativity with some downtime.

A few hours of a massage, pedicure and manicure at a spa can often send a WAHM home with tons of new ideas, inspiration and motivation – in both her business and personal life.

A Kick Ass Crock Pot

Some women might find kitchen gadgets boring, but WAHMs are often pressed for time. Anything that helps them save time while still managing the household will be a welcome item. I’m actually a very good cook, but I until recently I wasn’t a big fan of crock pot cooking. Most of what I attempted to make in a slow cooker didn’t turn out that great. That was until Michael Gray taught me that not all crock pots are created equal.

I’ve since purchased a really nice slow cooker and have found some pretty kick ass crockpot recipe sites. And just to avoid the possibility that it may SEEM like a “so you can cook me dinner gift”? Try including a short note about how much you appreciate all the roles she juggles and that you hope this will make the amazing job she already does a tad bit easier.

“On the Go Office” Capabilities

If you’re not on a tight budget, nothing makes a WAHM smile like gadgets that make their ability to productively work on the road, at the park or while sitting at their child’s football practice. Think Hot spot services, adding a tethering function to create a personal hotspot via your phone to your monthly plan (if it’s not already included) and gadgets that make going mobile easier.

You can find tons of computer and tablet related Valentines day gift ideas (and deals) right now. And don’t forget accessories! Grabbing a WAHM a keyboard for her iPad can greatly increase what she can get done while mobile.

“Uninterrupted Time” Coupons

If you ARE on a tight budget, giving your time can go a long way. Have a friend who is a WAHM? Offer to take her kids on a play date once every two weeks at your local park to give her some uninterrupted time for her business tasks. Married to a WAHM? Giving her a morning every other Saturday where you’re on kid duty can help her schedule important tasks for times she knows she can get them done more effectively without interruption.

A Killer Office Chair

Office chairs are often overlooked, but as Missy wisely pointed out, an office chair is one of the top things you shouldn’t skimp on as a work at home mom. Sitting all day can cause a lot of issues – a chair might seem like a “boring” gift, but the WAHM in your life will likely think otherwise.

Missy uses a Star Ergonomic Chair. I have tons of friends who swear by Herman Miller chairs (but, be prepared, they’re costly). I personally use a Boss chair (I discovered them via staying in so many Hilton properties).