Productivity Tips For Work At Home Moms

Must-Have Products, Aids, and Resources for WAHMs of Special Needs Kids

If you are a work at home mom of a special needs kid, you have been charged with a special task. You have to keep your business afloat while also providing your child with the extra support and assistance that they need.

Instead of getting discouraged by everything that is on your plate, keep in mind that you are a superwoman.

However, even superwomen need a bit of help from time to time, and the following resources are must-haves for WAHMs of special needs kids.

More Than a Mom
More Than a Mom: Living a Full and Balanced Life When Your Child Has Special Needs, is a Mom’s Choice Award winning book by Heather Fawcett which shows moms how to lead a fulfilling life when their child has special needs.

The book is full of personal stories collected by over 500 moms of special needs kids, but it is also full of practical strategies for managing your life with a special needs child.

Thanks to the author’s extensive research, you can learn how to find specialized daycare, how to stay organized, and how to advocate for your child.

Got Milk?
Remember the Milk is a critical organizational app for anyone with a busy life. It allows you to organize your to-do list based on how important the tasks are and whether they are for work or for home.

You can even even look up items on your to-do list based on where you are at that moment. for example, if you are dropping off your son for his occupational therapy session, Remember the Milk can remind you that you need to make copies of a work document at the copier that’s just around the corner.

Food Shopping Zen
In addition to caring for your child and running your business, you also need to feed everybody, and that can be challenging even if you are not running a business. Zip List helps you keep your grocery list and menu plans in order.

The app links to several recipe sites including Martha Stewart and Once you have chosen your recipe, the app will download the necessary ingredients to your shopping list. This is critical for moms who have special needs kids on special diets. If you want a similar app that also focuses on saving money, check out Grocery iQ instead.

Duplos to the Rescue
The classics like Lego have endured the test of time for a reason. Duplos are simply large Legos that can be easily handled by kids who haven’t mastered their fine motor skills. Your child can build, destroy, follow plans, sort by color, and more with Duplos.

Along with art supplies and sensory toys, Duplos are a must-have for any mom but especially for moms of special needs kids.

Seek Out Champions
When you have a child with special needs, you need all of the champions you can get for your cause. The National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education (NAPCSE) can be an invaluable resource. This organization has a reference library, resources that can help you understand your child’s rights, and forums where parents can share ideas, accomplishments, and struggles.

Financial Help
Possibilities is a financial resource for parents of children with disabilities. This organization has over 100 parents centers located around the country, and at those centers you can learn more about your child’s disability and about financial resources that may be available in your community.

A Tablet
Tablets are critical for all sorts of skill building and are great when you need something to occupy your child’s time while you work get some work done. There are tabletmany affordable tablets on the market and several that are durably made especially for children. If a new tablet is out of your price range, look for a used iPad or repurpose an old phone into a gaming device for your child.

While you child can use the tablet to watch movies or play games, they can also use it to build valuable skills. There are all kinds of apps for special needs kids, and they focus on everything from communication to social interaction to reading and math skills.