Fruit Pops
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Fruit Pops Are A Great Summer Treat

My kids are grazers. They nibble and snack on things all day long. Now that school is out, I’m finding myself managing how much they’re snacking throughout the day. Shouldn’t they be outside playing, not inside munching? To help remedy this issue, I have a food craft they love to make and it’s great for them too. Fruit pops.

Grab some fruit and some popsicle sticks and your kids will entertain themselves for a while, eat a snack and if you’re lucky, not fight at all (don’t count on it though). Not all fruits work well with this activity, but half the fun is seeing what works. I’ve found that melons, strawberries, bananas and grapes are the best. For even more food activity fun, put your fruit pops in the freezer for an hour. You’ll then have tasty, natural popsicles! Frozen grapes and grape pops are our family favorite.

The best thing about making fruit pops, your kids can make them all by themselves. Some kids might need help cutting the fruit chunks to use, but other than that, it’s like building a little fruit tower with a stick. Watch out for those creative moments, your kids might even decide to see if they can build a fruit fortress using sticks and chunks-o-melon.

If you’re looking for more fruit fun, I found some great ideas and saved to Pinterest. Look for Fruit pops, fruit kabobs and fruit on a stick. Keep in mind, if you have young kids, make sure to use popsicle sticks and not kabob skewers to prevent any hand injuries over excited fruit crafting.