Productivity Tips For Work At Home Moms

Avoid These 3 Morning Time Suckers to Kick Off a Productive Day

Morning is viewed as a fresh start to the day and a chance to start anew. So why is it that we get sucked into our most distracting time wasters first thing in the morning? It’s crazy.

Facebook – Just don’t open it in the morning. Skip it, save it for later, outsource it, whatever you need to do to avoid opening the bottomless pit in the morning. Twitter, Pinterest and other social media is also guilty of time sucking, but Facebook seems to be the one with the power to make you disappear for three hours in the blink of an eye. I’m starting to think that Facebook has some voodoo spell on it that pulls you into it’s time warp, like the island on Lost.

Email Inbox – Not quite as much of a time warp as Facebook, checking your email usually starts out as a productive task with good intentions and quickly turns into doing a whole lot of nothing. Do you really need two hours to go through all that email? Probably not. I find setting a time limit on this really helps. I’ll spend maybe 15 minutes on my email in the morning, and then I won’t check it again until after 2:30 in the afternoon. Closing that Gmail tab during the day has proved to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. Email rarely needs an immediate response from you, so close it up and go get stuff done.

Watching the News – (or Charmed, or Angel, or whatever else is on in the morning…) You turn on the TV for background noise in the morning and you turn on the coffee pot. Walking back to your desk from getting a nice hot cup of coffee and something catches your attention and you sit down “for just a minute” and the next thing you know it’s nearly lunch time. Seriously, watching a television program of any kind in the morning is almost as bad as visiting Facebook, the time just disappears away from you.

Okay, so that you’ve successfully avoided these three obstacles, get to work and be productive. I dare you to not open your email until after 5:00 PM today (no peeking on your phone either.) I bet you’ll get at least three things done off your to-do list if you can handle the separation anxiety from your inbox 😉