Marketing Your Work At Home Business

When Is a Shameless Plug Okay?

Over the weekend I joined a Facebook group of people who are all going on the same Disney cruise that I am this summer. It’s intended as a way for us to get to know each other in advance, learn more about shore excursions and ship activities, etc. As it turns out, one of the members of the group has been a member of my site since we opened.

We had no idea that we would be on the same cruise! We started chatting on the page a bit about it and people started asking about Sunshine. I felt a little bit awkward because I am not much of a self-promoter. And yet I knew that these people were my EXACT target demographic–Disney fans with some disposable income who are comfortable online. I couldn’t pick a group of people better suited to promote Sunshine to! But I was held back by not wanting to appear promotional or as if my motive for joining the group wasn’t pure.

When is it okay just to toss out a shameless plug for yourself and not feel guilty about it? Some people would say “always” while others would say “never.” I’m in the middle and think these are some times that are perfectly okay:

At an event where the main purpose is to network about your business (easy one!).
At an educational event where people around you are likely in the same business (still pretty easy).
In a blog post such as this one where it’s part of the story (see how I worked that in?).
When someone else brings up your business and asks you to explain it (sort of my Disney example but not really).
When you are giving out something for free and people expect to hear some kind of pitch or advertising information (but not necessarily a “hard sell).
In a social setting where everyone is talking about what they do for a living.
What other examples can you think of where it’s acceptable to plug your business? When is it definitely NOT acceptable?