Marketing Your Work At Home Business

Using Instagram to Promote Your Business

I have fallen in love with Instagram. At first I thought it was just a photo sharing platform, however I’ve discovered it’s a fantastic way to share your view, your perspective and your business. There is no character limit. There are no lengthy conversations. There’s also no plastering of links and ads all over the place. The primary function of Instagram is sharing photos that you love, for whatever reason. Using this tool, you can share the inside view of your business and grow a new angle to represent your company.

I Love Instagram I Love Instagram

I recently attended a session all about using Instagram at the creative blogger conference, SNAP!. The presentation was offered by Rhonna Ferrer, Shelly from The House of Smiths and Susan from Freshly Picked. Each uses Instagram in their own way and if you follow each of them, they share entirely different views. However, they all agreed, you can use the platform to share the “behind the scenes” view of what’s going on with you, your business and your brand.

Here’s a couple thoughts about using Instagram to promote your business and brand:

Instagram is a form of microblogging. Instead of 140 characters, you get a single photo to convey a message.
Make your photos personal, sharing perspectives, opinions and your own unique view.
Inspire questions and interaction, spark an interest.
Be consistant with the look and feel of your images.
Be relatable, share things that other’s can relate to. Things like family, food, entertainment, travel… this is all a part of that “personal” touch.
Make sure to connect with your followers and those you follow. Leave comments, reply, give feedback and say thank you.
I’ve been using Instagram for a few months now and love the low pressure sharing. If I’m inspired to take a picture, it’s usually inspiration enough for me to share the photo on Instagram. For me, this simple requirement to share is enough. I don’t worry about what title or which link to post, none of that is included. I add text describing why I took the photo or why I’m sharing it and that’s it. My goal is to show creativity can come from anywhere, so anything I share could quality. If you are a family run business, showing what you do, the family involved and interacting with a family friendly approach would help build your brand through Instagram.

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