Marketing Your Work At Home Business

How Direct Sales Is Like Baseball

As a sports mom, I often use sports analogies in “real life”. There is so much to be learned from these simple concepts that can be applied to our everyday lives. It helps me in building a strong business and I am excited to share some these ideas with you today!
Know Your Batting Average
In baseball, you can fail seven out of ten times and still be a winner. So many people begin a direct sales business and then quit because the first few people they talked to were not interested. In order to build a strong team and client base you have to have lots of at bats. If you strike out, keep stepping up to the plate. Even if you only close three out of ten leads, you are still an all-star caliber player.

If you think you can start a new business in direct sales without practicing and learning new skills, you will soon learn that you are just plain wrong. There are so many skills that you will need to succeed in direct sales and they need to be sharpened every day. Baseball players practice for hours every day working on hitting, fielding, base running, etc. They have many different skills that they need to keep sharp to be a strong, well rounded player.

This is the same with direct sales. It is so important that you identify the things that you can improve about yourself and start training. Ball players hire coaches all the time to help them fine tune certain skills. As a direct sales consultant you have access to many resources that you can tap into, from books to your sponsor. Create a daily schedule and work on improving your skills consistently.

Have An Audience
A baseball game without fans would be no fun. When you launch your direct sales business, do it in front of an audience. Let people watch what you are doing and they will be drawn to you and it will help you to be held accountable. Develop a strategy for how you will market your business and be consistent. You can do things like social media postings, weekly parties or meetings, ads in local papers.
Any of these things will help people notice you. What you need to do next is stay consistent and positively represent yourself so people will be interested in what you are doing. In the beginning, we all have to fake it until we make it…but part of making it is not quitting. Stay focused. Build your audience and give them a good show.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball
Don’t get distracted with what you are doing. Have goals and stay focused on achieving them. Don’t lose sight of what you need to achieve and focus on your priorities. Some of your distractions might even be the people that you love most. Starting a direct sales company will often times make your family doubt you and this can be difficult to get past. You have to keep your eye on the ball, remember why you started and don’t quit. Even if you have to run thirty feet and dive every time until you succeed, stay focused and catch the ball.

Build A Strong Team
As you begin to learn how to recruit strong leaders, you will start to appreciate the different skill sets and how they can all positively affect your entire consultant community. Everyone can’t play the same position, but you will need all of them to field a strong team. Make sure that you are providing the right amount of direction and support for your team as they go through the various seasons of their business. Baseball is a team sport. You need all the players and they need you.

Don’t Let Someone Steal On You
If you snooze, you will lose. Make sure that you don’t let anyone steal your base. Stay in touch with your prospects so that when they are ready to join your team, they feel confident that you are the one to enroll under. Following up and keeping your eye on your base will help your prospects feel like they are important and joining a strong team. If you flounder or go too long without connecting with them, they will seek out someone else.

It’s All In Your Head
It’s been said that baseball is 80% mental and 20% skill. This is true of direct sales too. You have to dig deep to find the confidence it takes to succeed. You will be your own worst enemy if you don’t believe in yourself. Work on building your confidence level so that people begin to trust what you are saying. People will talk to you because they like you, but the more you believe in yourself and what you are doing the more people will trust you.

Be A Good Sport
Keep your chin up when you fail. Always hold your head up high and just move on to the next game. Even if you are so upset inside, hold it together. Remember that people are watching you. Identify what you need to do to improve and work with your coach on getting some direction.

Congratulate The Competition
Build relationships with those on your sidelines and congratulate them as they succeed. As you rise in ranks within your direct sales organization, it is much better to be friends with your peers than to bad mouth them or not learn from each other. You are all winners and have so much in common. Enjoy everyone in the organization.

Know When To Swing
Everyone is on a different schedule in life. Know how to identify the right time to talk to someone about your business. You have to have the finesse to know when to not say anything. If you come across too pushy at the wrong time in someone’s life you could strike out.

Be A Role Model
Credibility is so important in direct sales. Be the person that you are trying to find. People will look up to you. Even when you are brand new you will know more than the person that you are adding to your team. Always represent yourself in a positive way. This is even more important if you are using social media to market your business. The days of posting last night’s escapades on Facebook are over. Be professional and be in business mode every day.

Be Willing To Ride The Pine
Learn to pay your dues and don’t quit. Building a residual income is going to take time. You need to commit to your business for the long haul. Success will not happen overnight and you need to be prepared and ready for a long term commitment.

Make It Into The Hall Of Fame
Work hard and get yourself to the top of your company. Work hard, climb the ranks and fight to achieve your goals. Make sure you are known for what you gave to others and what you taught others as you work your way to the top it will pay off in the end.

Listen To Your Coach
Even if it is not the person that you enrolled under you will have a coach or mentor. This person may never actually speak one word to you. Know who it is and have your eyes and ears on what they are doing. Learn everything you can from them.