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Introducing My Mom, Cindy (@cingroomer)

I was on the phone with my mom today when I was trying to come up with an idea for my post. We were chatting about a little bit of everything–from my daughter’s birthday to one of the merchants that she manages. That’s how all of our conversations go. The personal gets mixed in with the business. I thought to myself…what better topic to write about today on a mom site than my own work-at-home mom?

When I was a kid, my mom always worked at least one job but most of the time more than that. She usually had one “real” job and then some kind of venture that she started herself. Some were kind of odd (like the home screen printing business) and some turned into full-time jobs (like the pet grooming business she started in our back room). I always saw her working and she always found ways to involve the rest of the family. Sometimes we helped in return for getting paid. Sometimes we helped just because she was the mom and she said so.

I have no doubt that watching my mom in her businesses helped me when it came to starting my own. Seeing up close and personal the amount of work it takes to be your own boss prepared me for what I would face. And thankfully I can still call her when I have questions.

Even though she doesn’t have kids at home anymore, my mom is still a work-at-home mom. Now she is an outsourced program manager (OPM) for Greg Hoffman Consulting. She doesn’t have her own kids underfoot, but she does have plenty of dogs and cats around plus occasionally some grandkids. She deals with a lot of the same work issues that I do like neighbors dropping in during the day and trying to balance work and personal time when they seem to bleed into each other all the time.

If you don’t know my mom, Cindy Ballard, you should. If you are in affiliate marketing, she’s a good source of information. If you are a WAHM, she’s an inspiration for how to run your own business. Even if you are neither of those, you will find her to be a spirited, entertaining person worth getting to know.

(Wait until she finds out that I was multi-tasking and writing this article while I was talking to her about Harley shirts and Medicare!)

January seems like such a relaxing month after all the craziness of the holidays. You can just sit back, send your kids back to school, start working on your goals for 2013. All the sudden you look at the calendar and realize that your child’s birthday is right around the corner and you have done no planning at all. I know, because I have been helping plan children’s birthday parties for over 11 years with my party planning persona Partyelf.

What’s a busy work at home Mom to do? Research and shop online of course. One of the reasons that I started Partyelf is because I know that parents do not have time to run from store to store trying to find everything they need to host a birthday party that their child will always remember.

My top tip is to talk to your child about what kind of party theme that they want or if they are not quite verbal yet, take into account what their interests are. My daughter wants to be a ballerina, loves the Olivia books, and is a huge fan of ladybugs. And those are some of the birthday party themes that I have used when planning her parties.

Need some inspiration? Here are 5 of the hottest birthday party themes right now:

Little Man Mustache Basic Party Pack for 8Little Man Mustache Party – Everyone needs a little mustache in their life. This party theme is very cute with a mustache on everything, including a Stick the Mustache game. Despite the title, I think this can be a very gender neutral or large age range birthday party.
Ballerina Tutu Deluxe Party Pack for 8Ballerina Tutu Party – Pink, tulle and ballet slippers. Need I say more? This classic party theme is sure to be loved by many little girls. It is such a hit in my house that my daughter wants to have another ballerina party.
Sock Monkey Red Deluxe Party Pack for 8Sock Monkey Party – This simple toy has had a resurgence of popularity in the last couple of years. It appeals to both boys and girls and it is just darn cute! A fun activity for this party is having a create your own sock monkey station set up for your guests.
Madeline Basic Party Pack for 8Madeline Party – I can just picture all the party guests in blue dresses and yellow hats. March them all in two straight lines right to the birthday cake! I absolutely adore the yellow hat piñata.
Goldfish 1st Birthday Deluxe Party Pack for 8Goldfish 1st Birthday Party – A first birthday is a very special occasion and I think this party theme is perfect. You guests will just flip over it! (Hey I couldn’t resist making at least one lame joke.)
I hope that helps inspire you and makes planning your child’s next birthday party a little bit easier. Trust me, when the big box of things arrives on your doorstep, you will be so happy with all the time that you save. Plus save money when you use this link to save 10% on your next Birthday Express order.