Family And Kids

Holiday Ideas For Families

Make sure that you take time to enjoy your family this holiday season. Instead of getting all bogged down in holiday shopping and the stress of finding the perfect gifts think of ways that you can spread joy. I know most work at home moms have a hard time finding the work/holiday balance. Take time off to enjoy every special moment with your children and loved ones. Whether you are a Christian or not this season is a season for giving and being thankful for all you have. Here are some fun holiday ideas to inspire you:

Progressive Neighborhood Party – This is one of my favorites. Each home hosts a different part of the party. The 1st home everyone visits will host the drinks, the 2nd home – appetizers, 3rd home – salads/soups, 4th home – main entree, 5th home – desserts, 6th home – after dinner drinks/coffee/tea. Depending on the group of people and how many homes you have this can be altered. On your walk from home to home you can stop by the other homes you may not know and sing carols.
Have your child start an ‘I Am Thankful’ list. Have him add one thing he is thankful for each day. You can turn this into a decoration by having him write it on a paper Christmas tree or snowflake that you then hang across the fireplace or some other area.
As a family, write your holiday letter. Have each member contribute one memorable moment from the year to be recorded to share with friends and family.
Giving back – there are many ways to give back. Some ideas include: Volunteering at the local food bank, Donating to a giving tree for those in need, start a canned food drive in your neighborhood or school, donate your used clothing, deliver fresh baked goods to the local fire department, police station and hospitals, visit the senior citizen homes, visit children hospitals.

Invite friends who are alone over for dinner.

Have a movie marathon.
Craft day – there are many crafts that you can do but here are some ideas: Create a pine cone holiday tree, make reindeer food out of oatmeal, sugar, and colorful sprinkles, popcorn garland, personalized ornaments, fun shaped and decorate sugar cookies.
Whatever you do make sure you remember to include those who are alone, put work aside and enjoy every moment you have with your family and loved ones. Happy Holidays.